Maxim Kolomiiets—composer, oboist, performer

Maxim Kolomiiets—composer, oboist, performer


pn. solo
(2003, 14 min.)

sel. guit. solo
(2012, 10 min.)

Shadow Speaker
vc. solo
(2012, 10 min.)

vn. solo
(2014, 13 min.)

Over Skyline
fl., radio
(2012, 7 min.)

No Man's Flight
(2021, 1 min.)


ob., acc.
(2012, 10 min.)

The Thicking Flame
acc., db.
(2013, 9 min.)

pn. four hands
(2013, 7 min.)

Re-Pulse II
sx., acc., db.
(2015, 10 min.)

Air | Glass
fl., acc.
(2013, 7 min.)

Icy Echo Of Your Silence
for violin and vibrophone
(also version for: violin and piano,
violine and cimbalom, oboe and piano)
(2020, 9 min.)


fl., vl., vbr., pn., vn., vc.
(1999, 6 min.)

Under Skyline
sopr., 2 trp., hn., trb., tb.
(2012, 8 min.)

picc., ob., bcl., va., vc.
(2008, 6 min.)

Chronicles of Amrita
guit., 3 perc.
(2012, 10 min.)

Compressed Light
2 trp., hn., 2 trb.
(2009, 10 min.)

Echoes of Drowning Reflections
fl., cl.,pn., vn., vc.
(2013, 10 min.)

Light Figures
ob., pn., vn., va. (also version with clarinet)
(2009, 8 min.)

Funeral-wedding March
for ensemble
(2014, 7 min.)

Empty Pedestals
fl., vl., pn., vc.
(2010, 6-7 min.)

vn., vc., pn.
(2015, 9 min.)

vc.,db., perc.
(2011, 13 min.)

Vinyl snails
fl., cl., perc., pn., vn., vc.
(2016, 6 min.)

Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht
ob., hn., db.
(2011, 7 min.)

Window Behind The Window
trp., trb., perc., pn., guit., vc.
(2016, 9 min.)

for 2 (or more) winds, pn.
and 2 (or more) strings
(2011, 7 min.)

...soft glass...
for 2 clarinets, 2 percussionists, 2 violas, cello
and double bass
(2017, 10 min.)

fl., ob., cl., pn., vn., vc.
(2011, 8 min.)

String quartet
(version of 2019, 10 min)

ob., fg., hn.
(also version for 2 clarinets and bass clarinet)
(2012, 8 min.)

Crystal Cube
for recorder, flute, harp and harpsichord
(2019, 13 min.)

fl., hn., pn., vn.
(2012, 6 min.)

fl., cl., perc., pn., el.guit., vn., vla., vc.
(2021, 5 min.)

large ensembles and chamber orchestras

for string orchestra
(2002, 7 min.)

fl., ob., bcl., fg., hn., pn., 2 vn., va., vc., db.
(2015, 12 min.)

Charred Ruins of Scared Rainbows
fl., ob., bcl., trp., hn., pn., vn., vc., db.
(2010, 13 min.)

Mirrors. Black Mirror
for accordeon, string orchestra and piano
(2018, 12 min.)

solo trp., 2 fl., ob., bcl., fg., hn., 2 vn., va., db.
(2012, 8 min.)

music for choir

Marian Antiphons
for ob, perc. and choir
(2017, 17 min.)

Volsi lo sguardo…
for women’s choir with chamber ensemble
(from the opera “Espenbaum”, 2015, 8 min.)

Gli Sguardi Pigri…
for women’s choir a cappella
(from the opera “Espenbaum”, 2015, 7 min.)


Preludio, Interludio and Espenbaum
for small symphony orchestra
(from the opera “Espenbaum” 2015-2019,
6 min., 6 min., 11 min.)
version for symphony orchestra
(from the opera “Espenbaum” 2019, 11 min.)

music for theatre

Opera “Espenbaum”
For soprano, female choir and large ensemble
(2018, 1 h. 40 min.)

Music for children's Theater
“To Find The Hero”

Music for Theater
“No pictures will be”
(on the Daniil Kharms’s piece, 2014)

Opera “Night”
For soloists, choir and orchestra
(2020, 1h.30 min.)*

*Premiered 08.10.2020
in Recording House of Ukrainian Radio
Luigi Gaggero, conductor
Kyiv Symphony Orchestra


Music to the Czesław Miłosz’s poetry
(2011, 17 min.)

Sound performance Zvukoizoliatsia
(third part)
For large ensemble
(2011, 22 min.)