«The Met Commissions an Opera About Abducted Ukrainian Children»

—article (English)

The New York Times, September 2023

«Creativity is my inner pitchfork. Interview with Maxim Kolomiiets»

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Glissando, September 2023

«Freie Klänge für die Totenruhe»

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F.A.Z.net, April 2022

«Road to the North»

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Kyiv Daily, November 2021

«To capture beauty in a perspective that no one has seen»

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The Claquers, November 2021

«I wrote an opera for people on the street to sing arias»

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Kraїna, February 2021

«Musik aus der Asche»—Porträt des Komponisten Maksim Kolomiiets

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MusikTexte, February 2016